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I’m Mos, a freelance video editor with extensive experience in crafting social, digital and broadcast content. My portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, ranging from hype reels featuring Ronaldo and Neymar to the production and editing of social content for collaborations like Fenwick x Ascot.

I pride myself on bringing your creative ideas to life, executing your vision to leave a lasting impact on viewers

Editing suit at Gravity Broadcast, working on the post-race highlights and radio edits for Formula E.

To tell you how I got into video editing it would start with my journey as a filmmaker. I primarily focused on directing and producing, but wanted to be more hands-on with the intricacies of the storytelling process throughout (post)production. Lo and behold, I picked up a mouse… and a Macbook… and began my journey into editing and I haven’t looked back since

It’s been an incredible journey so far, working for some of the largest brands and sporting promotions in the world, not to mention meeting some absolutely fantastic people on the way. If you need someone to help you bring your ideas to life, please feel free to contact me for a chit-chat! I’m always happy to connect